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Why Solutions Mazatlan?

After taking a moment to go through our website you might be asking yourself “why Solutions Mazatlan?” Below are some points that might answer your question!

1.  Full service office for all Real Estate needs:

Solutions Mazatlan specializes in homes for sale, condos for sale, lots/land for sale, commercial properties for sale, homes for rent, condos for rent, and commercial spaces for rent, vacation rentals, property management services and concierge services -- making us the only true Full Service Real Estate Office in Mazatlan, Mexico. Our Goal is to serve and satisfy you the client with all of your Real Estate needs here in Mazatlan, Mexico. Whether renting, buying or selling a property we will be there for you every step of the way as your Realtor and also as your friend.

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2. Additional support services for our buyers, owners, renters and vacationers:

Solutions Mazatlan has the expertise along with an extensive network which allows us to support and assist you with your needs regardless if you are here in our beautiful city for just a short amount of time or if you are planning on being here indefinitely.

For Buyers:We understand that when purchasing a home in a foreign country, things can become overwhelming and you might not always know where to start once you have finalized the purchase of your new home. We want to make your transition to Mazatlan as easy as possible so we are here to provide you with services such as, but not limited to: having internet, cable and telephone services set up, assistance with purchasing a local Mazatlan cell phone, assisting you with your Immigration needs, providing you with home decorating services, helping you with your banking fees and the list goes on!

For information about buying Real Estate in Mazatlan, Mexico please CLICK HERE!

For Owners:Whether you live in your home full time, part time or use your home as a rental property there are many services that we are here to provide you with that could make your life a lot more simple! Such services include: arranging monthly or weekly cleaning services, assisting you with your home maintenance, paying your electrical, water, gas and maintenance bills for you, assisting you with renting your property and taking care of your property while you are out of town.

For more information about services we offer owners please view our PROPERTY MANAGEMENT PAGE!

For Renters:Whether you here renting on a short time basis or for the entire year we have services that we are able to provide you with to make your time here in Mazatlan much more enjoyable and carefree. Some of those services include: Setting up services such as internet and cable if those services are not included in your rental property, arranging weekly, bi-weekly or monthly housekeeping services, assisting you with your shopping needs, providing you with contact information for people/services you might need during your stay such as doctors, dentists, banking options and more!

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For Vacationers:We are thrilled that you chose to spend your vacation here in Mazatlan, Mexico and we want to ensure that you have the best vacation possible so we are here to assist you make your time in Mazatlan perfect. There are many activities, tours, sights to see, monuments to visit, food to try and so much more while here in Mazatlan that the possibilities are endless! Not sure how to go about booking a tour or finding an activity that’s just right for you here in Mazatlan? That is what we are for! We can help you plan your vacation before you even arrive to Mazatlan by arranging tours, activities, spa days, rental cars and so much more! Once you are here we can let you in on some of Mazatlan’s best kept secrets such as restaurants and beaches that you are surly going to want to visit!

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*Whether a buyer, renter, owner or a vacationer, we go above and beyond the call of duty and are always here to help you with whatever you might need! Just ask and we will get the job done!*

3. Our Team

The thing that makes Solutions Mazatlan so special is our full-time, multicultural Real Estate team that is made up of truly a great bunch of people from multiple areas of Mexico, Canada, The United States and England. The majority of our team members have been visiting/living in Mazatlan for many years so they know the ins and outs of business and life resources here in Mazatlan along with the areas, the best places to visit in town and the laws and regulations of Real Estate in Mexico. Having a bilingual team is also very important to ensure that we are able to properly communicate with our clients in their primary language whether it be Spanish, English or French!

Meet the Maz4SaleAndRent Team

4. Traffic and Marketing for Sellers and Renters

If you are selling or renting your property you want to make sure that you choose a realtor/real estate company who has the traffic and marketing skills to advertise your property to the fullest capacity as possible. Solutions Mazatlan has an office located in the heart of the Golden Zone (Zona Dorada) right in front of the famous Saloon Bar and Grill so there is a large amount of foot traffic walking by our office daily. To take advantage of the high traffic we built a large bulletin board where we can advertise your listings! The most important aspect of marketing your property these days is the internet because the more potential clients who see your listing the more likely you are to sell or rent out your property. In most cases someone who is looking to purchase or rent  a property, searches the internet before looking anywhere else.

The Solution Mazatlan website was created through Point2 Agent International Listing Service which is a web service that connects real estate agents with one another and with the most important real estate advertisers online. When we add a listing to our website it is not only on our website but on many other real estate websites throughout Mazatlan and Mexico as well giving your property the best exposure it could receive.  Along with our already existing, extensive client base, the Point2Agent also allows us to collect information from potential buys and renters when they make an inquiry on our website.