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Utilities and Services in Mazatlan, Mexico



Gas/Propane Services in Mazatlan, Mexico

The use of propane/gas is very common in Mazatlan for hot water heaters, dryers and stoves because propane tends to be less expensive than using electricity. On average most people spend anywhere from $50 - $150 pesos a month in gas depending of course on the size of the home and how many occupants there residing in the home.  

There are two different ways of purchasing gas in Mexico. Many homes and condominium developments have large, permanent tanks that usually carry 200 liters or more of gas that can be refilled by calling the gas company. In some homes, people purchase individual cylinders (tanks) that can be exchanged or refilled each time they run out.

Although there are multiple gas companies throughout Mazatlan, there seem to be some companies which are more popular than others.

Gaspasa: 669-981-0505

Diesgas: 669-980-1010

Gas Express: 669-954-4040





Water Services in Mazatlan, Mexico

All of the water that is supplied to homes and places of businesses throughout Mazatlan comes from the city water company known as Jumapam. Water and sewer are combined into 1 bill since both services are controlled by the same company. Water bills will be delivered to your door once a month and cost approximately $25-$100 pesos a month depending on your water and sewage usage.

Bills can be paid at different banks and convenience stores throughout town or at the main Jumapam office which is located at:

Benito Juarez 2 CP 82788
El Roble Mpio, Mazatlan, Sinaloa






Electricity Services

Electricity in Mazatlan, Mexico

Electricity in all of Mexico is provided by CFE which is the federal electrical company so no matter where you live within Mazatlan, your electricity will be provided by CFE. It is difficult to predict the price of electricity since there are different rates for each part of town and the usage also varies on many different factors. As to be expected, most electricity bills are higher in the summer due to use of air conditioners but the government provides a summer government subsidy so each household has a small discount on each electrical bill from June – November (months may not be exact) Although it is hard to generalize the cost of electricity, you could pay anywhere from $75 - $750 pesos a month for electricity – much less expensive than in the United States or Canada!

Likewise with water, the electricity bill will arrive monthly at your door and must be paid before the due date.  Bills can be paid at your preferred bank or convenience store or at the main CFE office which has drive through kiosks that are easy to use and take no time at all!







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