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Getting to Mazatlan by Bus


From the U.S.A. to Mazatlan: If you are coming from the United States or Canada you can travel like many people do and fly to Tuscon or Phoenix, Arizona or San Diego and from there continue to Mazatlan on the bus. Greyhound has service from San Diego to Tijuana where you can continue on to Mazatlan for about $35 USD one way. This trip will take about 24 hours. When flying to Phoenix or Tucson you can travel the Greyhound from the bus stations to Nogales and from there walk across the international border into Mexico and make your way to the bus station where you will find frequent departures from Nogales to Mazatlan. These fares are about $70 USD one way and travel time is around 22 hours.

The Mexican busses that travel to and from The United States are comfortable and clean with bathrooms and T.V’s that play movies. The seats are much larger than most airline seats and you have plenty of leg room. If you decide to take a night bus there is a great chance that you will get two seats to yourself. Another popular bus line is Tufesa which departs from Los Angeles, Phoenix and Tucson several times a day. Travel time can vary depending on the bus service you choose. Sometimes a great option is crossing the border into Mexico and catching a bus there since there are more choices and the buses depart every 30 minutes. Tufesa offers some direct services on their luxury busses from US cities. These run to major cities like Culiacán, where you can change to another bus for the two hour trip to Mazatlan.  

When traveling to Mexico from north of the border there might be various times where the army will stop the bus and do a routine check!

Bus lines with service from the U.S.A. to Mazatlan



Traveling Within Mexico: Mexico has much more competition among long distance bus lines than other transportation providers. Of the lines that serve Highway 15 to Mazatlan from Guadalajara and Mexico City and also from Nogales and Tiuana is Elite Bus Lines which is one the preffered bus lines for traveling through Mexico.

For service east of Mazatlan on Highway 40 from Durango and Monterry, Chihuahunese Bus Lines offers departures with connections to and from Northeastern Mexico. First class buses have on-board bathrooms, two seats on each side of the aisle for a total of 44 seats and some buses are equipped with T.V's that play movies throughout the duration of the trip. For passangers willing to spend a few extra pesos, there is executive class service available on select departures and the fares are about $50 pesos more per person. Overnight buses are a great choice for long distances travels because for example, if you leave Guadalajara at 10:30pm you will arrive to Mazatlan around 6:30am with a full nights sleep and ready to explore the beautiful city of Mazatlan, Mexico.

Here are some links for bus lines that run throughout Mexico:

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Línea UNO Omnibus Serdán

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Grupo Toluca: TMT-Caminante

Estrella de Oro

Autobuses Mexico Puebla EstrellaRoja

Grupo Pullman de Morelos: Autos Pullman de Morelos

Grupo Senda: Senda Autotransporte

Grupo Transpaís:Transpais Autotransportes

Enlaces Terrestres Nacionales ETN

Enjoy your trip and we will see you when you get here!