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The Malecon  


The Malecon which translates into English as “The Boardwalk” is a sea wall and walkway right on the ocean shore that is situated at the south end of The Golden Zone where Fiesta Land (the white castle/Valentinos) is and runs all the way to the Old Harbor where the cruise ships and military base are located. In total The Malecon is approximately 5.5 miles (9km) long and is considered to be one of the longest in the world.

The Malecon is one of Mazatlan’s most treasured areas of the city with its many monuments new and old that signify the history of Mazatlan such as the Fishermans Monument, the Bronzed Pulmonia, The Pacifico Brewery Monument and many others that are placed every so often down the seawall, each with their own story and meaning to the city and the people of Mazatlan. From The Malecon you have a clear view of the 3 islands that sit of off Mazatlan’s coast which are Wolf Island, Deer Island and Bird Island. The beaches that run along The Malecon are some of the most popular in Mazatlan for sunbathers, swimmers and surfers. At dusk you will find many people watching and waiting to see the spectacular sunsets that take place every evening in Mazatlan!

Tourists and locals alike gather to enjoy many of the activities and attractions that take place down The Malecon such as running, biking, rollerblading, yoga and other outdoor activities. Many great street side and beachfront restaurants can be found along with shops, nightclubs & bars, hotels, commercial businesses and residential homes and condominiums.

The Malecon is where a great majority of Mazatlan’s cultural and annual events take place including Mazatlan Carnival which is the 3rd largest celebration in the world. There is also Semana de los Motos (Bike Week) where thousands of motorcyclists come from all over the world to Mazatlan and join in on the parade that takes place down The Malecon. During other holidays and events such as Semana Santa (Easter Week) spring break and Christmas many parties and festivities take place along The Malecon seawall as well.


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