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Mazatlan - The Ideal Baby Boomers Destination

Up until three or four years ago very few dared to forecast the magnitude of growth and development of this fascinating port. Currently converted into a strategic spot in the Mexican Riviera where locals and newcomers participate to establish the foundations for a highly productive future.

To a Mexican traveler, Mazatlan is the opportunity to come in contact with a very important and colorful part of his country’s history, it is a time when he can forget about his daily routines while admiring and enjoying a sea that bathes numerous beaches that greet him with open arms year-round. Mazatlan is to the Mexican, the place in the Mexican Pacific more attuned to his culture and within the reach of his budget, where he is guaranteed authentic quality fun and relaxation through a great variety of events and activities.

To the foreign visitors, Mazatlan is a world apart where they can wake-up to the fact that Mexico, with its colorfulness, is always ready to greet them and share with them its exuberant natural beauty and the warmth of its people, demanding very little in return. Way back —although already a consolidated beach tourist destination— Mazatlan was considered a “secret place”, that just a few were privileged to enjoy, however, it can no longer be seen as such. Mazatlan’s reality is one in whose direction thousands of people from around the world have started focusing their gaze and thoughts. And the great advantage is, compared to the popularity of other destinations like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, Mazatlan offers a privileged position to those with a vision to profit from immediate investment here with less than what the aforementioned destinations require.

Someone else could say —especially those not acquainted with Mazatlan— mmmhhhhh… well, all that sounds pretty good and appealing enough so I too will turn to Mazatlan as a good vacation option and possibly invest or buy a second home or even retire there, but… who backs that information? Whom that I trust can attest to it that Mazatlan represents a magnificent investment or retirement opportunity?

As a brief response to those questions let me share with you the following:

1.- According to Frommer’s —The world’s best sold travel guide to the Americas— Mazatlan is a casual and comfortable destination where you get more for your money. Mazatlan is more than just another destination facing the ocean; it is the one that better represents Mexico with its golden beaches, fresh seafood and reasonably priced lodging. Although real estate development is furthering the advance towards modernization and the introduction of new attractions and services like golf courses, its transformation is gradual, and in Mazatlan most things stay refreshingly simple. Mazatlán’s best tourism attracting lures continue to be its expansive golden beaches and world-class fishing. The new golfing facilities, luxury yachts marina, as well as the growing deluxe hotel infrastructure, have still not made a sufficient impact as to increase prices as is happening in other consolidated tourist destinations; this is great news to travelers in search of a marvelous vacation experience at magnificent prices.

2.- According to the Houston Chronicle Everyday the sunset brings to Mazatlan a new explosion of life. The streets of its historic downtown area —presently the most action filled site— fill with visitors that, dazzled by an ambiance with flashes from New Orleans, coexist and intermingle vibrantly with the grandeur of the port’s renewed European architecture that stayed subdued for decades.
What is presently happening is unique not only to Mexico, but worldwide! Mazatlan is a historic city with a brilliance worthy of a colonial postcard, bathed permanently by the Pacific Ocean along its more than 13 miles of golden beaches.
While new destinations are sprouting in Mexico designed specifically with the purpose of satisfying an avant-garde touristic demand, in Mazatlan what is new is a resurge of the antique.

There is much more information through which various media and experts share and reiterate the bounties, benefits and advantages of Mazatlan as a vacation and/or business travel destination; nonetheless, what is really making an impact in Mazatlan’s world is that one of the greatest and more versatile real estate infrastructures in Mexico, is being built thinking specifically about the Baby Boomers market —representing 28% of the population only in the United States—. Mazatlan is vertiginously attracting a new market of travelers with excellent economic capacity, connoisseurs of good service in exchange for fair prices within a context of warmth and simplicity, something that only Mazatlan can offer in its own special way.

The transformation being experimented by Mazatlan is allowing it to pass from being an international fishing port complemented by an offer to tourists; to being a top level real estate and touristic destination, preparing to offer to a specific market niche the opportunity to realize their retirement dream; maintaining its excellent life quality level with no need to increase its costs.

According to the 15th. Annual Global Retirement Index, during 2007, after having analyzed and evaluated 29 countries in different categories as: real estate offer; entertainment, special or specific benefits for active retirees; culture, safety and stability, first quality medical services; climate, infrastructure and cost of life; Mexico was recognized as the best place to retire worldwide! The following being some of the main reasons:

  • First-class services at a lower cost than in the United States or Canada.
  • No extra tax for being and expatriate.
  • Optimal medical services for a much lesser cost than in the USA or Canada.
  • Geographic diversity
  • Offer of activities for active retirees.
  • Excellent level of cultural alternatives [concerts, theater, etc.]
  • Beachfront properties for less than USD $100,000


Out of the main destinations where big developers are venturing on satisfying the demand of Baby Boomers, Mazatlan is the only one presently covering all the above points with a price advantage.

It is no secret that a great percentage of Baby Boomers —though not millionaires— are economically prepared to retire in the coming years, and that every day more and more Americans and Canadians start their search for a destination where they can retire without sacrificing the quality of life they are used to, and for a reasonable cost that allows them to optimize their resources to live their golden years to their full extent. To them Mazatlan is no doubt the ideal place. Approximately 6 to 7 thousand Americans and Canadians presently call Mazatlan “Their Home”, among them some are refurbishing old properties downtown, or building villas in the mountains, or buying properties in the golf courses; while on the other hand, developers are building deluxe oceanfront condominiums and residences with a value from USD $200.000 to $750.000 Nothing and no one can stop the real estate transformation benefiting Mazatlan.

Last year the Dallas Morning News reported that approximately a million Americans live in Mexico, Mazatlan being one of their preferred places.

If you are searching for the most convenient site to invest in or where to buy a property with the goal of retiring, it is definitely the moment to turn to Mazatlan, and while you discover it you can experience firsthand why a great number of experts as well as foreign retirees have declared it “the ideal place” to retire in Mexico.

There is no better moment to invest in the Mexican destination with the most history and excellent location… Mazatlan, where on top of all you can still get more for your money!

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