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The History of Solutions Mazatlan



The Beginning 

 In 2007, Shaun joined REMAX Mazatlan just a few months after the office opened its doors. His main area of focus would become vacation property condo and home sales, while attending also to the need for traditional sales in both the upper and middle class housing markets.

In fall 2007, Shaun and the REMAX broker celebrated REMAX Mazatlan’s first exclusive sales contract with a Mazatlan condo project. Within 6 months, Shaun and the REMAX Mazatlan team sold the condo project out. This would pave the way for Shaun and REMAX Mazatlan’s success with other condo projects, as well with establishing REMAX Mazatlan as one of the leading real estate offices.


An Idea is Born

During this period, Shaun noticed that the majority of clients – his own and others that he encountered throughout Mazatlan – had a lot of essential needs that were not being attended to. Thus, a plan was formulated and a project put in progress. This project would be known as Solutions Mazatlan.

While working with REMAX Mazatlan, Shaun put Solutions Mazatlan into play, offering clients more solutions to their real estate and Mazatlan living and vacationing needs.

As a result of steady inquiries, he began to help clients find both vacation rentals and long term rentals. He began to offer property management services to his buyers and other clients that were referred to him. He also began doing concierge services, helping clients with furnishing their properties, getting immigration papers, moving their household goods to Mazatlan, arranging tours, connecting utilities – pretty much anything you could think of!

During this time, Shaun became connected with fellow Canadians Al and Denise Bahrey. Al also joined REMAX Mazatlan, and Denise and Shaun decided to work together to pool their resources in the rental, vacation rental and property management fields.


Solutions Mazatlan Goes Independent 

In early 2009, with the effects of the “recession” and negative media towards Mexico evident in the Mazatlan real estate market, Shaun was faced with some tough decisions. After lengthy thought and the understanding the market trends were changing, Shaun felt the time was right to depart from REMAX Mazatlan to further develop Solutions Mazatlan and subsequent projects.

May 2009 marked the launch of an independent Solutions Mazatlan. Many of Shaun’s clients decided to follow him, something for which he is and always will be extremely thankful.

For an entire year, Shaun operated Solutions Mazatlan from a small office in the Centro area with Denise working out of Cerritos. They continued to do the same as before, and Shaun began planning to further establish the different segments that would eventually make up Solutions Mazatlan.



A New Look For Real Estate

In spring 2010, Shaun’s wife came up with the name and logo that would represent the real estate segment of Solutions Mazatlan – Maz4SaleAndRent Real Estate. By August, Shaun found the site that would become Solution Mazatlan's office.

In summer of 2012, Shaun decided it was time to incorporate the company and reverted back to the original identity that he felt best expressed the mission and vision of the company, Solutions Mazatlan Real Estate. 



More to come in the history of Solutions Mazatlan soon!