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The Golden Zone

The Golden Zone known in Spanish as the Zona Dorada is situated along Av. Camaron Sabalo from the Fiesta Land complex (Valentino’s/ The white castle) and runs all the way up to El Cid Marina Hotel which marks the beginning of the Marina Mazatlan area. The Golden Zone was developed around 50+ years ago and was built up specifically for visitors to the city of Mazatlan making this area the most accommodating to tourists and people who live in the area. The Golden Zone is one of the most in demand areas for rentals and people looking to purchase property. In behind the Golden Zone is where you will find residential neighborhoods consisting of homes and condominiums. Some of these neighborhoods include Sabalo Country, El DoradoLomas de Mazatlan and Las Gaviotas. Public and private schools can be found in each of these areas. Many private homes and full time luxury condominiums are situated on the Golden Zone beaches as well!

The Golden Zone boasts most of the tourist hotels in the city that run along the oceans coast such as the El Cid Mega Resorts, Pueblo Bonito, Costo de Oro and The Playa Mazatlan. In this area are hundreds of restaurant options ranging from gourmet dining to a traditional Mazatlan taco stand. Most of the nightlife, entertainment and nightclubs are located within this zone as well. One of the most famous and most recognizable nightclubs in the area is Fiesta Land which is the big white castle at the end of the Golden Zone also known as Valentino’s. Even if you are not into the club scene it is a unique piece of Mazatlan that is worth seeing. Some of the most popular beaches of the city for surfing, sunbathing, seashell picking, shopping and swimming alike are found throughout the Zona Dorada. On just about every corner you will find awesome stores and shops with rare and unique items made in Mazatlan and Mexico for you to take home as souvenirs!

There is a never ending list of activities that you can do in the Golden Zone area such as visiting a tequila factory, zip lining adventures, taking a small boat over to Deer Island, tons of water sports like renting jet skies, surfing and parasailing. The Golden Zone also offers bowling, mini golf, helicopter tours, cooking classes, dance lessons and SO much more! Here in this area you will also be able to find your day to day necessities and conveniences such as banks, money exchanges, medical clinics, pharmacies and grocery shopping stores. Most of these attractions, hotels, restaurants and nightlife are all within walking distance from each other but if you are not up to walking you can jump in a “pulmonia” which is the open air taxi that can only be found here in Mazatlan!


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