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Angela Peralta Theater formerly known as "Teatro Rubio" was founded in 1874 by Mr. Andrés Librado Tapia and Don Santiago, which was declared on December 19, 1990 as the nation's heritage.

Having an area of 3,841 meters square building with a nineteenth-century Romantic style design with horseshoe-shaped room in Italian style, is nestled in the historic center of Mazatlan, near the Plaza Machado. Its exterior is two floors, on the first is a large hall supported by six fluted columns of the Doric capital, the second is decorated with an iron railing and rectangular windows.

Its construction was managed by businessman Manuel Rubio who sought a place at the height of the commercial and political importance in the year 1869 held the city of Mazatlan. In 1883 however, the famous opera singer Angela Peralta 'The Nightingale of Mexico' arrived in Mazatlan to perform. Upon her arrival, the crowd that gathered to meet her unhitched the horses from her carriage and carried her to her hotel. She was so taken back by their enthusiasm that she performed to her fans from the balcony of her hotel. Unfortunately, the boat she arrived on carried the yellow fever, and she died before she could ever perform in the theater. The theater was soon after renamed after her, and a plaque commemorates her tragic death.

Unfortunately, the theater also had tragedy awaiting it. In later years, the theater was turned into a movie theater, then a vaudeville stage, a boxing ring and eventually a parking garage! Finally, in 1975, a hurricane hit Mazatlán and destroyed the inside of the theater. Standing in ruin for years, the theater began a restoration in 1987, and re-opened in 1992.

Since opening, the Angela Peralta Theater has seen all kinds of cultural, political and entertainment, among which stand the opera, operettas, civic and sports performances, concerts, among others.

Currently the theater is equipped with the latest technological advances to provide the public performances where sound and vision are first class and without doubt is one of the landmarks of Mazatlan.