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Surrounding Areas

La Noria

La Noria is a little mountain village located just 40 minutes northeast of Mazatlán.  "La Noria," means "The Well" as it has an appearance of a town set in a well. Main highlights include an old jail, which is still in use, the church of San Antonio, and a variety of locally-made leather goods.


El Quelite

El Quelite is located in the state of Sinaloa near Mazatlan. El Quelite is a top tourist attraction one of the best things to do in Mazatlan. An historic country town that dates to the 19th century and a center of commerce since before the Mexican Revolution, El Quelite has been home to history, today the town offers traditional provincial architecture, landmark sightseeing and authentic Mexican dining while retaining its distinctive country charms. It is also well known for its Rodeo and the ancient ball game of Ulama, which is still played here.



Concordia was founded in 1565 by a Spanish Grandee, Francisco de Ibarra and it is located 20 minutes south of Mazatlan. Social life in Concordia evolves around the main square where the church is located. The town is famous for its furniture industry which blossomed as the mining industry there dwindled. 



Copala is a four-century-old silver mining town located just 45 minutes south of Mazatlan. It is a charming place situated in a valley of Sierra Madre Mountains. Copala is a very charismatic place – a mix of colonial architecture, stunning mountain views, cobble-stone boulevards and tranquility.



Escuinapa is famous for its production of shrimp and mango, both of excellent export quality. On the way from Escuinapa to Teacapan you will be captivated by the unparalleled scenery with a profusion of coconut palms and estuaries inhabited by birds, with access to pristine beaches such as La Tambora, Las Cabras and Los Angeles.




This naturally beautiful town is located in the municipality of Escuinapa, just 88 miles south of Mazatlan, considered the biggest estuary extension in the country (its extension can reach 80 miles inland) just at the mouth of the River of the canes, it´s also laden with coconut palm trees and a lush mangrove swamp vegetation.


Villa Union

The name Mazatlan was first mentioned about 1602, but it did not refer to the Mazatlan of today. It referred to a small village of San Juan Bautista de Mazatlan which is actually 30 miles South of the current city of Mazatlan. That village today carries the name of Villa Union.Villa Union is home to ''Cuchapeta's'', one of the most famous restaurants in the Mazatlan area.



Rosario is located 50 miles south of Mazatlan and is renown for an important alter in the town church. El Rosario was once the richest town in Northwest Mexico because of the local mining operations. It was also a home of the famous Mexican singer Lola Beltran. Rosario offers good shopping opportunities for pottery, furniture, and leather products, all of which are produced locally.


Las Labradas

Las Labradas is one of the least discovered wonders of Greater Mazatlan located just 45 minutes north of Mazatlan.  There you’ll find a stretch of black rocks on the beach, which contain petroglyphs – stones with symbolic carvings. These petroglyphs of Tolteca origin are the remains of the most ancient artistic expressions of the tribe. According to some archeologists, they can be up to 1,500 years old.



Cosala is one of Mexico’s designated Magic Towns. More than two thousand years ago, pre- hispanic tribes settled here as evidenced by their petroglyphs which can be seen in several areas. Later, Spanish conquerors discovered mines here and Cosala’s mineral bounty fed colonial ambition with gold and silver for centuries. Today you can enter and relive the days of colonial splendor in the biggest mine in western Mexico, Mina Guadalupe de los Reyes.