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Shopping in Mazatlan, Mexico


Groceries and House Wares:

Shopping in Mazatlan, Mexico

The grocery stores in Mazatlan are very similar to those in Canada and the United States but most of the products are made in Mexico, however American brands can be found and there is almost always someone who works in the grocery store who speaks enough English who can assist you. Mega and Sorianna are 2 of the most popular grocery stores where you can find fresh produce, meat, freshly baked breads, can goods, and just about any other food product you could think about. You can also find house wares such as electronics and small items of furniture, clothing, toiletries and other items you might need for your home or vacation. Sorianna and Mega are both located on Rafel Buelna which is very close to the Golden Zone area. Both stores accept American dollars, pesos, credit cards and debit cards and are open daily from 7:00am to 10:00pm.

If you are buying bulk or looking for a grocery style store that also carries a wide selection of electronics, furnishings and other unique items then a great place to go would be Sam’s Club which is the same as Sam’s Club in the United States and would be comparable to Costco in Canada. To shop at Sam’s Club you are in need of a membership that costs around $400 pesos a year or you could use your Sam’s Club card from the U.S. if you have one.

On Rafel Buelna you can also find the Home Depot which is right across the street from Soriannas and carries all of the same items you would find at your local Home Depot in Canada or the United States.


Clothing and Shoes:

Shopping in Mazatlan, Mexico

Throughout Mazatlan there are many small shops that can be found to purchase clothing but the most popular place to go is to La Gran Plaza which is Mazatlan’s large shopping mall. La Gran Plaza is just off of Rafel Buelna and around the corner from Sam’s Club and Mega. In La Gran Plaza you can find clothing and shoes for men, women and children and there are also many shoe stores and shops that offer accessories and other stylish items. La Gran Plaza features the department store Fabricas de Francia which is like the Mexican Sears. Fabricas de Francia is a high end store with clothing, jewelry, furniture, electronics, perfumes, cosmetics and more!

Now on the scene we have Galerias Mazatlan! An upscale mall located in the Marina area you will find shopping, a 2 story food court as well as a movie theater with recliners and cocktail service!

Another popular place for purchasing clothing is in Centro Historico and throughout El Mercado (the market). Many nice clothing items and shoes can be found in the market and are similar styles and designs to the clothing and shoes found in La Gran Plaza but generally for a much lower price.

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for clothing and shoes in Mazatlan is that the sizes in Mexico are a little different than what we are accustomed to in the United States and Canada and prices are a little more higher for certain items as well.





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