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Selling Real Estate in Mazatlan, Mexico


Solutions Mazatlan understands that whether the property you are selling is your personal home or for investment purposes only, selling your property is an involved process that affects you, your family and your future which is why we are here for you! Solutions Mazatlan will make the selling process as simple and stress free as possible while trying to get you the best price for your property.

Before you begin the process of selling your property you will want to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information about the real estate market in Mazatlan, when and how you should sell your property, if there are any upgrades or renovations that need to be made prior to the sale and most importantly, how to get the best price for your property! These are the questions that Solutions Mazatlan will answer for you as your seller’s agent.

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Assuming you have already listed your property with Solutions Mazatlan, here are the next steps to selling your Mazatlan, Mexico property!

1. Showing Your Property: When we have an interested and qualified buyer we will arrange to show your property when suitable for you. Once we have showed your property to the interested buyer we will then email or phone you to let you know how the showing went and what the potential buyer thought of the property. Hopefully your property is just what the client is looking for and there is an offer placed.

2. Receiving an Offer: When receiving an offer the situation might vary depending if Solutions Mazatlan is acting as the buyer’s agent or if there is another real estate company that brought the seller. In either the case, the buyer along with the buyer’s agent will write up an offer and present it to Solutions Mazatlan who will then present the offer to you the seller, along with our thoughts and recommendations about the offer and what the next move should be.  Once you feel that the right amount with the right terms has been offered by the buyer it is then time to accept the purchase offer! Each offer is unique so payments, deposits etc. do vary on each situation but generally a good faith check or deposit is made by the buyer.

3. Processing of Documents and Paperwork:Once the offer has been accepted it is then time to start the process with the Notario who fulfills a public function delegated by the government. The Notario will take care of all of the legal real estate processes involved with the purchase of the property. All that is asked from the seller at this time is the original Escritura (title/deed) and a letter of transfer in order to transfer the Fideicomiso of the property to the new buyer if in the case both the seller and the buyer are non-national citizens. What is a Fideicomiso? CLICK HERE!

4. Preparing for Closing:Once all of the documentation and paperwork has been authorized and the certification is ready, the Notario will then draft the final document that will be signed by all parties at closing and the date and time of the official closing will also be decided at this time. Prior to the closing date, the buyer will then deposit the remaining amount due into the sellers account. Again, each purchase is unique and payments can depend on what was stated in the original purchase offer agreement.

5. Closing Time:On closing day, the selling and buying parties will meet with the notario to sign all of the remaining documents and to officially transfer the property title to the new owner. The buyers are responsible for paying the closing costs, transfer taxes, registration fees, etc. unless otherwise stated in the original offer.

6: Moving out of the Property:In many cases the buyer will take possession of the purchased property within 30-90 days of the closing. However, possession date is normally agreed upon in the original purchase/sales offer and depends on your situation as the seller so it is possible for possession to take place immediately after closing.

7. Paying Capital Gains Taxes:Once a property has been it is then the sellers responsibility to pay the Capital Gains Taxes for the sold property. Need more information about Capital Gains in Mazatlan, Mexico? CLICK HERE!

When you are educated with the right information and have obtained an experienced real estate professional you will be steps closer to selling your property and for the best price!