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As part of Costa Bonita’s Nautica development, The Seafarer is located in Cerritos within the amenities a beautiful marina condominium complex, complete with fresh and saltwater pools, hot tub, and spa.  The Seafarer itself sits right out over the marina, and has it’s own huge saltwater fish habitats, around which the tables are arranged.  It is certainly one of Mazatlan’s most beautiful restaurants. Five days in the week (monday and sunday excluded) The Seafarer provides excellent live Jazz and saxaphone performances. The Seafarer is known for it’s beautiful setting and ambience, beautifully prepared food, and being part of the marina, for having it’s very own sport fishing boat which brings in the fresh catch of the day. Fresh fish and seafood dishes are popular as well as more international fare such as pork shank. The Seafarer is frequented by local Canadians and Americans as well as more affluent Mexicans. It is seasonal and closed during the summer.