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Mexican RV Permits


Mexican car and RV temporary import permit regulations (TIP) changed June 11, 2011. With the change in the regulations on car and RV permits to drive your vehicle into the interior of Mexico came a lot of misunderstanding and controversy. While I cannot guarantee that these regulations will not change again, I can guarantee that these are the official regulations as clarified by a Hacienda official in November, 2011. The previous page covers most of the regulations. This covers contingencies, mostly related to RV's and towed vehicles.

Q. What are the costs and requirements for the ten year permit for Motorhomes and Trailers? 

A. For motorhomes the cost is $58. 

Q. Will the car pulling a trailer get a permit valid for 10 years, or does the driver need two permits? 

A. Now(2013) a car and trailer get two permits. The car gets a six-month permit to allow it to be driven in Mexico. The trailer gets a ten-year permit. The trailer permit costs (this could change tomorrow) 644 pesos. Thanks to Gary W. for this information.

Q. Can a person driving a car / truck pulling a trailer AND a small ATV (small motorcycle) get one permit for all? 

A. Yes, the same car permit includes the trailer and the recreational vehicles towed along with it, so long as these vehicles are for recreational purposes and are NOT street legal.

Q. Can someone leave his vehicle in Mexico and fly home before the permit expires. 

A. Actually the vehicles can remain in the country so long as the permit is valid and only if no one else drives it but those people legally allowed per the established guidelines. 

Q. If a person cancels (returns) his vehicle permit late, does he forfeit the deposit he put on his credit card initially? 

A. Yes - on the day after the expiration of the permit, the money is transferred to Hacienda and CANNOT be refunded. Is there a fine for canceling a permit late? There is no fine per se, but the person under whose name the permit was issued will not be able to recover the deposit and will not be able to get another permit until the previous one is cancelled. 

Q. What is different about the Sonora Only permit?
A. The Only Sonora permit is intended for those drivers who will enter Mexico and remain exclusively in the Mexican state of Sonora. They may NOT go anywhere else in Mexican territory.