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Solutions Mazatlan Property Management, Rental Marketing, & Concierge Services


Property Management is a demanding service that many vacation property owners or new real estate investors overlook. However, it is a vital necessity in the longevity of maintenance of one’s investment.

A property manager forms an essential part of the equation when owning real estate that you can personally not attend to, especially if your property is going to be vacant for long periods of time, or if you are going to be renting your property on a short and/or long term basis.

These are some of the reasons why Solutions Mazatlan has decided to design property management services for property owners that decide to join our rental program. 

So what does your property management program include?

Part Time Property Managment Service

- For property owners who are part time residents!


      Monthly property check of:

    Air conditioners operating well

    Humidity beads refilled

    Light housekeeping

    Taps and showers turned on

    Toilets flushed                                                

    Appliances and electronics checked

    Monthly emailed statements

    Review general property condition

    Coordinate maintenance and repairs





Full Time Property Management Services

- For property owners who don't want headaches!


   Bi-weekly property check 

   Bi-weekly cleaning - As in part time service package

   Owner web access

   Monthly emailed statements 

   Property taxes paid 

   General bill payments

   Annual Detailing

   Review general property condition  

   Coordinate maintenance and repairs

    And more...



Concierge Services

- We are here to help you with all your needs .... just ask!

Knowing that each property and property owner is unique, Solutions Mazatlan can work with you to custom build a property management program that caters to exactly what you and your property need.  With that in mind, we also offer additional services for a concierge fee.

Some common concierge services requested include:


                                   Grocery purchasing for arrival
                                   Welcome packages prepared
                                   Booking tours and events 
                                   Air port transportation
                                   Vehicle rental arrangements
                             ●   Repairs and replacements
                             ●   FM3 arranged
                             ●   Home insurance arranged
                             ●   Providing local information
                             ●   Coordinate replacements and repairs
                             ●   And more......


Rental Services

- For property owners who want revenue benefits!

            ● Website advertising on over 40 premium websites including:

                   Home Away 
                         Trip Advisor
                         Yahoo Travel
○ Vacapedia                                                                                        
FlipKey and many more...


              ● Online services including:

                    ○ Owner Account Access
○ Availability Calenders 
○ Guest Reviews 
○ Owner Statements 
○ Rate Management 
○ And More!

               ● Additional services available including:

                    ○ Information Guide for your property                         
                           Rental Agreements
                           Check-in and check-out  
                           Inventory Checks
                      Payment and deposit collection refund
                           And more!