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Pharmacies in Mazatlan, Mexico

Pharmacies in Mazatlan, Mexico

In Mazatlan there are just about as many pharmacies in Mazatlan as there are restaurants that range from small pharmacies to large franchise pharmacies. Your best option is to go to the best and most reliable pharmacy or drugstore when purchasing prescription medication and also write down the name and milligrams of the medication you are looking for to ensure you are given exactly what you need.

Some of the best and most popular pharmacies in Mazatlan include:

Farmacia Benavides: Farmacia Benavidesis a large chain pharmaceutical store with locations throughout Mazatlan and Mexico. They also provide 1 hour photo services and a nice selection of toiletries and cosmetics. They have one store in the Golden Zone at Camaron Sabalo 216 that is open daily from 8 am to 10 pm and is located one block south from the Las Gaviotas cinema and right across the street from Casino Royal.

Farmacia Moderna: Farmacia Modernais one of the oldest and most reliable drug stores in Mazatlan with their many stores and great locations. Besides their main store downtown and many others throughout the city, they have three drug stores in the Golden Zone. One is across the street from the Inn at Mazatlan, next to Ricos Café, the second is on Camaron Sabalo right beside the Banamex Bank and right in front of the Maz4SaleAndRent office. The third location is located on the corner of Bugambilia and Camaron Sabalo and is open 24 hours a day. All of the Farmacia Moderna’s in the Golden Zone have onsite English speaking staff and they also offer home delivery. The number to call if you are in need of home delivery is 913-4333.

Farmacia Similares: Farmacias Similares is another popular pharmacy in Mazatlan but all of the medication is generic and can be purchased at a much lower cost than most other pharmacies however with that being said Farmacia Similares does not carry all of the prescriptions and medications that you would be able to purchase at the above mentioned pharmacies. There are many Farmacia Similares throughout the city including one in Marina Mazatlan and another in the Golden Zone.





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