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Meet the Solutions Mazatlan Team!





Shaun Klynstra 

Born in Calgary, my family moved to Yorkton, Saskatchewan at a young age. On a freezing night of 2001, I decided to head south to warmth for a couple of months.

I first arrived to Mazatlan in December. The city and an unlucky Mazatlan woman captured my heart immediately. In 2002, I made the fulltime move and since then have been proud to call Mexico my home.

It's amazing what the Pearl of the Pacific (Mazatlan) can do for some people!!!

I am now fluent in Spanish and have taken the time to study several topics, including International Business Engineering at the TecMilenio, and have participated in several courses on Mexican education, real estate, law, finance and tax.

All of these life experiences have really enabled me to integrate with Mazatlan and Mexico on a cultural, political and social level, and have also allowed me to have a better understanding of economics, laws and many other important local topics.

I’d be happy to share my experiences with you and use them to work for you!


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Claudia Vega 
Co-founder of Solutions Mazatlan and the unlucky woman from Mazatlan who captured Shaun's heart .
I have a degree as a  Pediatritian, Nutritionist and phsycotherapist, and also I have been recently affiliated to the National Association of Professional Realtors. 

Thank you for choosing Solutions Mazatlan, it is our pleasure to assist you.



Liz Blancarte


Born and raised in Mazatlan. 

Growing up I traveled to the U.S and Canada many times, as well as other parts of the world, and discovered my abilities for learning foreign languages and the joy of getting to meet people from different nations. 
In 1994 I went to Michigan as an exchange student , where I became fluent in English. 
I studied International affairs in College, and took a Business English Seminar at ITESM University in Mazatlan. For a while I taught English as a second language to Mexican children.
 In the beginning of 2015, Shaun Klynstra invited me to join his team.
I am an affiliate of AMPI (National Association of Realtors in Mexico) and I am very excited about all what I have been learning ever since I joined the Solutions Mazatlan team.
  I look forward to assist you to sell your property or help you find the property of your dreams!
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Office: 011-52-669-981-5730

Toll Free (US & CAN): (877) 282-0864

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