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ONCA Explorations



Onca Explorations is a Mexican organization dedicated to ecological expeditions. These expeditions, apart of their educational purpose, represent a source of funding for our research and conservation programs.

Our main research program is focused on the population ecology of cetaceans (whales and dolphins) in the area.  During our expeditions our clients may actively participate and live a hands-on experience in scientific research and a close contact with these magnificient creatures. In the company of professional marine scientists you will discover the natural wonders that dwell in the ocean waters off Mazatlan. Onca Explorations is lead by oceanographer Oscar Guzón who has been doing marine wildlife research and guiding whale watching expeditions since 1999.

ONCA offers a whale research expedition from December to March. During your journey, learn about whale-research techniques as the crew collects information on the behavioral ecology of the whales and conducts a photo-identification project. And year round they offer a four-hour dolphin research and island snorkeling expedition with an emphasis on marine ecology and conservation, and a fascinating four-hour tour to the archeological site Las Labradas where the only beachside petroglyphs in the Americas exist.



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