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The Mazatlan International Center, with its vanguard facilities, stands-out as one of the best new options in the city for holding conventions, corporate events or any social or artistic activity of great importance. It has also ben the location of Premios Oye! (the grammys of Mexico)  the last couple of years.

Located north of the city, it is only eight minutes from the tourist resort area and by the neighboring Marina Mazatlan Golf Course.

Its architectural design is functional and innovative, using forms and spaces that reflect the State of Sinaloa’s identity and bountiful coastline. Its open spaces have been maximized, where concrete is not felt to be dominant, and man’s creation is in harmony with the surrounding natural environment.

The Gran Salón Mazatlán is located on the second floor, offers an area comprising of 38,254 sq.ft., which allows the division of this space of up to six separate conference halls with varying capacities. Another relevant space is the Salón Carnaval, with an area covering 5,780 sq.ft., which may be used by itself or may also be divided into up to three rooms. This flexible infrastructure offers the possibility to hold events starting with 100 up to 4,000 persons.

Likewise, the large awning on the forecourt entrance esplanade is ideal for events held outdoors. Its supporting structure was inspired by the majesty of the Stingray.

The Mazatlán International Center’s parking facility has a capacity for 466 automobiles and 26 buses.

An unforgettable detail of this magnificent complex is the Mar de Cortés mural, by the artist Ernesto Ríos Rocha, a plastic work of art recently entered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest mural of its kind in Latin America.