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Correros de Mexico (Mexico Postal Service)

Mexico does have its own postal service, it is reliable but slow.

Centro Office: Ave. Juarez & Calle 21 de Marzo
Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico




Package delivery service.

Carretera Internacional Km. 120
Hacienda Los Mangos, Mazatlán

01 669 990 0010




You can have your ''snail mail'' sent to an address provided by Earth Class Mail. When mail arrives they send an email with an image of the front and you can decide whether you want it recycled, shredded, scanned, or forwarded to you or someone else.




Package delivery service.

Carretera Internacional Km. 1194
Ejido Rincón de Urías, Mazatlán

01 669 991 1183




Package delivery service.



Post and Ship

Post and ship offers "US Address" service. You rent a box and the mail is hand delivered to and from Texas twice a week. You can also send mail or packages to the US from here, if you do not have a box, for a nominal fee.

Camarón Sábalo 202
5a. Gaviotas, Mazatlán

01 669 916 4010




Package delivery service.




Package delivery service.