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Another Mazatlan favourite restaurant.  Having grown up from it’s roots as a taco stand, Las Brochettas is still a simple palapa restaurant in Lomas  on Av. Rafael Buena, directly across the street from Mega, that has been in it’s same location for over 15 yrs.

Las Brochettas is surrounded by trees, and is very typically Mexican.  Brightly colored tablecloths, plastic tables and chairs, and a makeshift kitchen may appear a little dubious at first glance, but once settled in, Las Brochettas feels verycomfortable and homey.

Well, Las Brochettas is known for, what else?  Their brochettes.  Juicy marinated shishkebobs, with your choice of tender chicken, sirloin or beef filet, shrimp, and tender vegetables have made Las Brochettas a popular place over the last 15 years.

Also popular are their other Mexican dishes, molcajetes are a Sinaloan speciality and come served in red hot stone dishes loaded with meat, cheese, and regional vegetables like nopale cactus, green onions and tomatos.  Their fajitas and tacos are also very popular.

Portions are a good size and all dishes come served with chips and salsa, the regular condiments, and queso fresco or “fresh cheese” which is a nice touch.  All condiments come nicely presented.

Las Brochettas does not have alcohol, but they are happy to allow you to bring your own.