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Huana Coa



Huana Coa is an ecological park about 45 minutes from Zona Dorada, that allows you to experience a fantastic adventure with the Sierra Madre mountain chain as your backdrop. This tour features a series of thrilling activities, from traveling in an all-terrain vehicle through steep hills, to flying through the air along a dozen zip-lines. We'll even get to see the tequila-making process!

You will fly through 12 amazing zip lines, allowing you to look out over the beautiful lush environment and watch the wildlife that inhabits the area. You'll also trek along nature trails, cross a one-of-a-kind bridge and descend from a treetop.

The zip lining adventure ends in a century-old hacienda, where you'll visit a distillery for agave, the plant from which tequila is produced. A guide will explain the tequila-making process, and we'll even get to sample it. Join us in enjoying an unforgettable ride in a unique environment!

Huana Coa is a beautiful place to spend the afternoon. You will also find horseback riding as well as ATV riding. Stop in the gift shop for some locally hand made gifts or pick up some award winning Los Osuna agave!


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