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On November 8, 2013, the official opening of ‘Plaza Galerias Mazatlan’ shopping mall happened and it promises to bring together in one place different alternatives for entertainment, dining, fashion and services for visitors.

plazagaleriasmazatlanThe event was headed by the Governor of Sinaloa, Mario Lopez Valdez, the Governor of Durango, Jorge Herrera Caldera, Mayor of Mazatlan, Alejandro Higuera and his counterpart from the city of Durango, Esteban Villegas Villarreal, among others.

plazagaleriasmztWith this commercial complex enhances economic development that is taking in the zone‘La Marina Mazatlan’ and provides a recreational alternative for Families.

In ‘Plaza Galerias Mazatlan’ you can find 124 businesses, national and international brands such as Aéropostale, Adidas, Cinemex, Gap, Iusacell, Italia, between others.