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Shaun Klynstra Laguna Plaza, Av. Reforma 2007-B
Local F1
Mazatlan, SIN 82149
Cell: +52 669-160-0423
Toll-Free: 1-877-282-0864
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Emergency Information




Tourist Info


Sharp Hosptial


Fire Deparment

Phone: 981-2769, 981-3600

Celular: *112
Emergencies: 068


Red Cross

Phone: 981-3690, 985-1451
Emergencies: 065


Municipal Police
Phone: 986-8126
Emergencies: 080


Municipal Transit
Phone: 983-2816


Federal Preventive Police
Phone: 980-6880, 980-6879


State Ministerial Police
Phone: 985-5311


Federal Electricity Commission
Phone: 071


For donating and receiving safe blood
Phone: 984-0262, 986-0582


Ambulances and Paramedics, 24-Hour Service
Phone: 986-7911, 986-5680


Gas Leak
Phone: 981-0505


Humane Society


Contact your Consulate

One of the most important numbers to remember when traveling in a foreign country is that of your local consulate. The consulates that are located in and around Mazatlan include:

• American Consulate, located on Av. Rodolfo T. Loaiza, telephone: 916-5889
• Canadian Consulate, located on Av. Rodolfo T. Loaiza, telephone: 913-7320
• Belgium Consulate, located at 1 Bis. Olas Altas, telephone: 985-1466
• German Consulate, located at 10 Jacarandas, telephone 981-2077
• France Consulate, located at 1008 B. Dominquez, telephone 985-1228

Cancel your credit cards fast

If you've lost your wallet one of the first things you need to do is call and cancel any credit cards or traveler's checks. If you don't already have the number for your credit company, you may find the following helpful:

• American Express – 01-800-001-3600
• Banamex (Mastercard or Visa) – 01-800-366-3100
• Diners Club – 01-800-500-3000
• Bank of America Travelers Checks – 1-800-700-9500