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Diego´s Beach House: Not just a restaurant, but an experience!


You don’t go just for the food (which is quite good) but for the whole bonhomie experience. It is a fun, beach front venue with live music, extensive plank wood decking, and very comfortable seating with a variety of table sizes, shapes, and arrangements. The beach-side of the deck is flanked by two spa-pools with naturally maintained temperature. Next visit we’ll come in our suits.

The raised beach area has additional table seating as well as lounges for sunning. A small stage has recently been added for musical groups to perform on selected afternoons and evenings. The Brenster has been featured during the “season” for an afternoon beach party that has been off-of-the-charts. Local groups are scheduled a good number of evenings, i.e. a very talented bongo group was rocking while we were there.

Diego’s started out as a BBQ restaurant – we are talking real southern BBQ here – slow cooked brisket etc. They still have the Brisket and Pork Shank, but now they have added traditional pub and beach food as well. The BBQ is still terrific – served as a make-your-own taco experience with some unique condiments. I wished they had offered a little something on the side though, instead of just the meat, but it was tender, juicy and delicious.

A good way to go here is to share with someone and have your partner order one of the big and delicious salads, and then you can both have a more complete meal.

There is a good size menu and everything appears to be done well – crunchy onion rings, juicy chicken wings, good fish and chips, huge salads and hamburgers that you need two hands to lift. There are steak brochettes, chicken brochettes, fish brochettes, shrimp dishes, very good ribs and more. The four of us shared the onion rings and hot-wings to start our meal; our sampling of the white wine, cerveza, mango margarita, and Bloody Mary was noteworthy.

But the food is only part of the experience at Diego’s. It’s the beach, the view, and the beach-party atmosphere. The staff wants everyone to have a good time, but they were sometimes a little too attentive, bordering on intrusive.

If you are looking for a good time and some really good pub/beach food and particularly, some good BBQ – Diego’s is the place to go. Prices are reasonable and they have plenty of parking.

Directions: On the beach, across Ave. Camarón Sábalo from Heather’s and directly adjacent to the Costa Marinera Restaurant.