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Dr. Doken
981 03 22
"We know an excellent dentist. We have not had crown work done by him so I'm not sure if he does that, but if not, he'll have a good recommendation. He speaks perfect English, and does not believe in charging "gringos" more than the locals he treats. He did some gum surgery on my husband, who has a similar problem as you with Novocain. Bill came home so surprised as he didn't have any problems with the Novocain, and he had absolutely no pain. He said that Dr. Doken even managed to make him feel comfortable during the procedure, which was a first for him! His office is down the street from Pedro and Lola's restaurant. He's quite busy, but give him a call, if he can help he'll work you in, and if not, I would feel very comfortable with anyone he recommended. Hope this helps. J Demmer."
{{Note from Rick. I spoke with him by phone. At the time he did no crowns. He recommended Dr. Jose Eugenio Gonzoles  and said he'd trust his own mouth to this dentist. At the time he charged 200 pesos for a cleaning. His practice is mainly periodontistry, gum surgery, etc.}}
Jacque Demmer
Dr. Jose Eugenio Gonzales Constantino. 985 18 48 " the Central Market area. I'll be arriving in Mazatlan 3-20-99 from Seattle with a friend who will also be trying out this dentist. A friend of mine who knows Dr. Steve Meese from Homer, Alaska (also a dentist) recommended him."

Rick's comments updated 5/07:
I've been to Dr. Gonzales several times now for cleaning, a tooth extraction, a crown and have always been very happy with his work. Rates as of this date are about 2800 p for a smaller crown up front and about 3200 p for larger crowns in back. This last crown was the best care I've received from any previous dentists in the US.

Sharon Murray
(also used by Rick L.
Dr. Joel Moran
985 20 73
"Rick, my regular dentist is Dr. Joel Moran. He doesn't charge "gringo" prices. Carretera Internacional, almost opposite from Arce and Osuna, between the Central Camionera and Lola Beltran. Martha Armenta
Dr. Cristobal Gonzalez Nuño
982 89 84
"The best dentist of this world and adjacent planets is Dr. Cristobal Gonzalez Nuño. His office is on Calle Tte Azueta, phone 982 89 84. Tell him that Gonzalo recommended you. He is reasonable with prices. Gonzalo
Dr. Morelos Chong
913 60 68
"Try Dr. Morelos Chong, just above Domino's Pizza. His phone number is 913 60 68 and he is a perfectionist, just what you want in a dentist. Best wishes, Nadine & Henry."
{{From Rick: This dentist was also recommended by Josefina in a phone call. I spoke with him by phone. His English was great. At the time, crowns were 2000 pesos, fillings about 200 pesos depending on size, cleaning is normally 300 pesos.}}

Update 6/07
Dr. Morelos Chong has moved and is now above the Sushi Place across from Hertz on Camaron Sabalo. That is the same shopping center as Dr. Backman, the Chiropractor.

Dr. Morelos Chong just made me a new bridge, and he is still the ultimate perfectionist. Prices have gone up a bit, he now charges 3,000 pesos per crown (June 2007).

Henry & Nadine

Renate Gray update 6/07

Dr. Osuna "There are a number of good dentists here...we use Dr. Osuna who has an office right on the front of the Plaza Ley...many people here at Las Canaos have used him for years. He is very concerned about hurting he is pretty painless. Last Spring my wife had a tooth that was broken off pulled and a four tooth cost $500 U.S. In the states, our dentist said it would have been $2500 minimum and after looking at the job...said OK...which with him is praise! Also, this guy will take you right in without an appointment...or he has us."

Comment submitted 5/06 from Chris Kerins:
Have also used Dr. Osuna (the dentist) and have been very pleased. He is courteous and professional.


Robert Schmitt
Dr. Foci. Javier Bouttier Echeagaray
Papagayo No. 710 (Cotiguoa Motel Papagayo) Facc. Lomas del Mar
982 47 67
" the only dentist I recommend and he can do everything you asked for at the identical local prices (this was my first question I asked)."
{{From Rick: I spoke with him by phone. He speaks great English and he does everything, but he didn't want to quote any prices on the phone. Finally said that porcelan crowns were around 1000-1500 pesos, cleanings were between 200-300. He seemed a little short of patience that I was asking questions on the phone (could have caught him at a bad time).
Ray Damerell
Dr. Joaquin Valdez Lizárraga
985 12 15, home: 913 56 46
Zaragoza 1337, centro
"I recommend him highly." Chuyita Cuevas
Dr. Togo Asuna
913 15 52
"We have used a dentist that we have recommended over the past two years and everyone seems to love him. Dr. Togo Asuna. He is located in the Leys shopping center on Carretera International about one block south of Calz. Rafael Buelna. His office is facing the street, Carretera Intl. He does not speak much English and so we always just arrive at his door and between his little English and sign language he will know what we want. He is great and he is concerned about pain." Robert Schmitt
and Ruby
Dr. Jorge Urrea Agraz
Phone 981 02 87
Located at Mariano Escobedo #17 Roger Culbertson &
Joe Ketchum
Dra. Gloria Alonso
984 0123, 984 88 81
In Lomas. Speaks English, good, gentle, no "gringo" rates. {{I phoned and learned that Alonso is a periodontist. Cleanings were 250 pesos. In the same office is another dentist that does crowns and fillings, also English speaking.}} Ed Lacy
Dr Jaime Diaz**
My wife and my self had root canals done by our dentist here. He does all. I just had an extraction on a severely broken tooth last week. My wife was a Dental assistant her whole working life, and she thinks Dr Jaime Diaz is GREAT! He speaks perfect English and has all the latest equipment. Phone 983-3300. He is in the La Gran Plaza Mall local 1-32 Unknown poster


Dra Leticia Osuna
(669) 913-1222 Camaron Sabalo 204-21


Dra Osuna is a wonderful dentist. She has a BS degree from UAG, as well as a Masters from the same school. Not only are her prices very reasonable compared to USA or Canada, but she is one of the few dentists willing to guarantee all of her work. She is one of the better compromises between quality dental care and very reasonable costs. She is also bilingual. Anon from web
Dr. Eduardo Ibarra Zambrano
Just had an upper plate made by Dr. Ibarra and it was inexpensive and fitted perfectly. He takes great pride in not causing any pain while working on you. Speaks excellent English too. Bob Story
Dr. Estrada**
Dr. Estrada, Camaron Sabalo#204-13. It is located in corner of small mini-mall near Cyber Cafe in the Golden Zone. there is also a bike shop next to the office. Tele: 914-1622. I know he does root canals, and he did a four tooth bridge for me. He speaks excellent English. Good luck! Unknown poster
Ernesto Bertrand Morales** 
985 6150
I have just had a root canal done by him and am very pleased. His office is 1st class and he is extremely competent. Unknown poster
Dr. Alejandro Shimizu Kelly**
Dr. Alejandro Shimizu Kelly, in the Plaza Valencia building two doors from Bancomer in the Golden Zone. Phone no. 913-7101. He just did a root canal on me with a very gentle touch. And he speaks English. And he is clean, clean, clean. Plus, he plays soft music while he and his dentist-wife, Anita, work on your teeth. Unknown poster
Jose Gallardo**
I recommend Dr. Painless. His real name is Jose Gallardo. He has a practice in El Centro with his father, Jose (senior),at #27 Melchor Ocampo which intersects Cinco de Mayo. Jose (junior) is a very astute young man who speaks excellent English, has a great sense of humour, and is very good at what he does. He is also very reasonable. I call him Dr. Painless as he is very gentle and I felt very relaxed throughout the procedure. Jack Moreau
Dr. Karl H. Dolker**
A really good periodontist is Dr. Karl H. Dolker. He's located at Constitucion # 611 Suite # 3(just 1/2 block east of Pedro & Lola's and the Plazuela Machado), phone 981-0322. He's very good and doesn't gringoizeprices. He speaks decent English. If you call the receptionist speaks only Spanish so check the listing in General Dentistry for a phonetic Spanish way to ask for him. Just substitute DOHL kayr for ay DOO-AHR doh. David Bodwell
Dr. Francisco Gavito/Dr. Beatriz Jaime
Camaron Sabalo Ave. 51, office 10
Let me recommend you the best dentist team in Mazatlan; Dr. Francisco Gavito and his wife Dr. Beatriz Jaime. Both of them speak very fluent English, and were able to see us the same day we requested an appointment. Also they have two workstations, so they could work on my wife and me at the same time. Their office is extremely clean, and have the latest gadgets for dental treatments. Both of them were very nice and polite. Also, since we were staying at the golden zone, we did not have to go all the way downtown to get our work done. Their prices were very adequate, they also have great knowledge of what-to-do stuff in the city, highly recommended!!! Bruce Waylan