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Cost of Living in Mazatlan, Mexico

Many Americans and Canadians have made Mazatlan their second or full time home for many reasons including the climate, the beaches, the friendly people and the cold beer but one of the greatest factors is the low cost of living and the lifestyle you can live in Mazatlan for a lot less than you could in the United States or Canada.

Here are some examples of the cost of living in Mazatlan:

Electricity: Of course the average amount for electricity in Mazatlan depends on the size of the home, how many people occupy the home, the time of year and the wattage that is used per month. During the months of November till about June the average electricity bill for the average size home or condo (1200 sq ft) would be around $30-$50 USD. In the summer months it does get hot here so the air conditioning is used more so electricity bills in the summer do tend to cost more.

Gas: Most homes and condos rely on gas for the hot water tanks, gas stoves, the dryer etc. Normally about $45 USD worth of gas should last you anywhere from 3 – 6 months!

Water: The water throughout Mazatlan comes from the city water plant “Jumapam” and the average price is about $5 USD a month for the whole family.

Phone: The average phone bill in Mazatlan for a land line is usually no more $70 USD a month which includes Internet.

Groceries: Most food related items in comparison to the U.S. and Canada are very inexpensive. There are large super stores such as Walmart, Sams Club, Mega etc. where you can purchase groceries for an extremely low price. There are also markets throughout town that sell fresh produce, meats, fish etc. for a bargain. A round price for a month of groceries for 2 people would be around $150 USD.

Although the cost of living is generally low there are items here that cost the same or double as they do in the United States and Canada. Some items include electronics, types of furniture and name brand clothing.

More cost of living examples COMING SOON along with cost of living surveys!