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Centro Historico


Centro Historico, also known as Old Mazatlan, is a 50 block area located  behind Avenida del Mar (The Malecon) and is about 10-15 minutes south of The Golden Zone. Given its name, Centro Historico is one of the oldest areas of Mazatlan dating back to the mid to late 1800’s! While visiting Centro Historico and the surrounding areas you feel like you have gone back in time and are experiencing the history of Mazatlan as it happened with the romantic and nostalgic streets & alleyways, the magnificent buildings with rich historic and architectural culture and the vibrant sights of the plazas, art studios and cathedrals. Centro Historico truly gives a unique charm to the beautiful port of Mazatlan.

Mazatlan was founded by Spainards and Indians in 1531 and in 1821, with the help of German and Chinese immigrants, it was officially declared a port. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, sailors from around the world over, including China, Spain, Germany and North America, began to colonize the area. It also saw a period of occupation by the Fench and all of these outside influences can be seen in the architecture of Centro Historico.

In the 1950s, tourism in this part of Mexico skyrocketed, shifting the city’s primary industry and causing Mazatlan to grow. Suburbs and other residential areas were developed, and many residents moved from the historic city center to these new developments. During this time, the once-beautiful Centro Historico Mazatlan was all but abandoned and left to ruin.

In the early 1990s, several citizens, with the help of state funding, renovated the Angela Peralta Theater and intiated a renaissance of the historical city center. And then in 2001, the Mexican Federal Government declared Centro Historico a Historic Monument and a National Heritage site. (the area is also currently under consideration for designation as a World Heritage Site by the (UNESCO) United Nations Education, Science, and Cultural Organization). With this reconstruction, one by one, other buildings were restructured to their former glory, and in the midst of it all, an organization was formed with all efforts pointed to the restoration of Centro Historico. Today, the city center is a proud and beautiful reminder of Mazatlan’s history and cultural heritage. It’s a popular destination for travelers looking for local culture

Situated within Centro is also the Plazuela Machado which is one of the oldest plazas in the city of Mexico with historical records indicating it was built in the year of 1837. Today,the Plazuela Machado is the heart of Centro Historico and all around the square are restaurants, cafes and art studios.

Also in Centro Historico is the Cathedral of the Immaculate  Conception which combines traditional, luxury and gothic architecture and design both on the interior and exterior. A special note of interest...if you look at the windows, you will see a Star of David, the only Roman Catholic church in the world with this feature. It is honoring a local Jewish family that donated funds towards the construction of the church.

Just around the corner from the Cathedral is Mercado Pino Suarez where both visitors and locals alike go to do shopping for fresh meats & produce, clothing & materials, traditional Mazatlan art work and so much more. Don't miss having a meal in one of the upstairs restuarant. So good and so economical!

Throughout the Historic District are many schools of all types, residential homes and apartments, as well as commercial places of business, all within historic buildings and structures. There is no doubt that the structures in the Historical Center of Mazatlan are a real estate asset of great value that is calling the attention of investors and retirees who are willing to invest in the restoration of nearby houses and buildings. 

Living in Centro puts you within walking distance of galleries, theaters, restaurants, bars, cafes, libraries and museums. Like to shop? You have furniture, food, clothing, art or anything else that you could possibly need! Utility offices, schools, banks and churches are throughout the area as well as hospitals, medical clinics and laboratories. Need some fresh air? you are steps away from parks, plazuelas and beaches. In the mood to explore another part of Mazatlan? It is always easy to find a cab or pulmonia and all of the bus lines run through Centro.

Centro Historico definately has that hip, urban feel. The residents are a good mixture of Mexican nationals and foreign residents with quite a few artists and musicians. It's historical, yet ever changing and a very inspiring place to live!


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