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Beaches in Mazatlan, Mexico


Mazatlan, known as the Pearl of the Pacific, has one of the longest and most beautiful stretches of uninterrupted beaches in all of Mexico! Whether you are a surfer, enjoy strolling the beaches while looking for seashells or you would just simply like to watch the sunset - Mazatlan offers various types of beaches for all tastes and preferences! For photos of Mazatlan's beaches, click here.



Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island)

A beautiful peninsula on the southern tip of Mazatlán, Stone Island, Isla de la Piedra, is a magnificent escape from the crowds of the mainland. A short boat ride across Navigation Channel, Stone Island features miles of sparkling sand beach lined with palm trees, gentle ocean waves and palapa restaurants. The spectacular natural landscape on the Pacific Ocean creates a relaxed environment for swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling and exploring. Enjoy fresh seafood and drinks under the shade of the native-built palapas. Meet the local Ejidos framers who cultivate Mexico's third largest coconut grove that follows the beach. Walk to the beachside restaurants and shops, or lounge under the Mexican sun.


Olas Altas to Punta Camarón

Beaches in Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan’s beaches start at Av. Olas Altas at the farthest point south of the Malecon, where some water sports opportunities can be found. This area of beach is large enough for wading, sunning, bodysurfing, and boogie boarding. This is also a popular area for some surfers because of the large swells but swimmers take caution because the waves often break suddenly and recede strongly.

Continuing north around Av. Paseo Claussen, past the fort, you will come to the area known as Pinos Cove which is adjacent to the Marine Sciences college. Although the waters here are not suitable for swimming, the rocks that line the beach provide great casting spots for fishing and this is also a great spot to challenge the beginning and intermediate surfers.


The Malecon

Beaches in Mazatlan, Mexico

A mile farther north beginning around the Fisherman’s Monument lays the wide, clean, white sandy beaches of the Malecon. This area of beach is very popular with local families and tourists alike because it is a great swimming beach that remains un-crowded except during holidays and celebrations. There are not many vendors on this side of the beach but enough to quench your thirst or provide you with a tasty snack. On most days when the Pacific Ocean is calm, the waves break gradually and gently but other times they can be rough. When the ocean is rough in this area it is recommended that stay close to the lifeguards station. This stretch of beach runs all the way to the rocky point of Valentinos which provides a good spot for fishermen.  Along the Malecon beach some palapas that offer a great selection of food and drinks can be found!


Golden Zone Beaches

Beaches in Mazatlan, Mexico

Starting at Valentinos (the big white castle) are the Golden Zone beaches which wind northward through the Golden Zone shops, restaurants and commercial businesses and reach all the way to the Pueblo Bonito Hotel. The Golden Zone beaches are definitely the most beautiful and active beaches due to the lineup of successful hotels. The pristine beaches of the Golden Zone face the 3 islands – (left to right) Wolf, Deer and Bird Island which provides a stunning silhouetted sunset each and every night.

The waters of the Golden Zone beach are the calmest and safest for swimming during the whole year just watch out for certain areas with rocks. Thanks to the calm water conditions in this area, the water activities available are endless including parasailing, boogie boarding, jet skiing, small sailboat rentals and other water sports such as water volleyball etc. Suring is not very popular or easy on these beaches since the water breaks normally roll right onto the beaches.

If you are a shopper or are looking for neat items then the beaches of the Golden Zone are the place for you! Vendors walk up and down the beach selling treasures such as silver jewelry made of pure silver found here in Mazatlan, beach towels and blankets, hand crafted wood carvings, paintings, unique handbags and pieces of clothing, delicious treats like cookies, sweet breads and fresh fruits  and so much more. Shopping on the beaches can be a daylong activity in itself.

If you are just looking to relax and soak up the sun then there are restaurants and hotels along the beach that will allow you to use their palapas and loungers as long as you consume food or beverages.


Northern Beaches

Beaches in Mazatlan, Mexico

The strand of northern beaches in Mazatlan begins right after the Marina Mazatlan area and is known as Punto Sabalo. In this are there are some newly developed luxury hotels and condominiums that line the shores but these beaches remain calm and un-crowded with the exception of the odd food or craft vendor and the beach goers.

As you go further down the beach the area changes to Playa Cerritos where the beach begins to look untouched with its grassy areas atop the dunes, flocks of multiple birds gliding overhead and areas where driftwood and perfect seashells accumulate.

At the northern end of Playa Cerritos the beach become Punta Cerritos also known as Playa Brujas named for the witches who used to perform their nightly rituals in this exact location. Right at this point there is a great beachfront restaurant also known as the Playa Bruja Restaurant where you can find a cold beer or margarita if you are thirsty or please your taste buds with some of the tastiest seafood and traditional Mexican food in town. This spot is also one of the best surfing locations in Mazatlan!

On the other side of Punta Cerritos, the golden sand edging the blue Pacific Ocean goes on forever leading to other virgin beaches such as Emerald Bay and Playa El Delfin.