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Banking and ATM´s  in Mazatlan, Mexico

Banking and ATM´s in Mazatlan, Mexico

Whether you would like to open a bank account in Mazatlan or simply withdraw money from your Canadian or US bank account, Mazatlan, Mexico has many reliable banks, including many international banks such as Scotia Bank, Banamex and HSBC. When banking in the Golden Zone most banks do have bank clerks and cashiers who speak English and will be able to assist you.

As of recently, many banks in Mazatlan have stopped accepting and changing US and Canadian money for Pesos. Of course there are money exchanges throughout the city but in most cases your best way to get Mexican Pesos is to use your Canadian or American bank card at an ATM. Using an ATM you get a very good exchange rate (sometimes better than the money exchanges) even though you may have to pay a small transaction fee. If you are using an American or Canadian bank card, it is best that you notify your home bank that you plan on doing transactions while in Mazatlan so no problems arise when using the card.

ATMS can be found throughout at the city at all bank branches and also at all major stores such as gas stations and grocery stores. Keep in mind that when using an ATM in Mexico that the amount you withdraw will be in Pesos and not USD.

If you are living in Mazatlan fulltime then you can open a bank account at any bank branch. Banking here is very much like home when it comes to checking accounts, saving accounts, using debit cards etc. although each banks regulations do vary.

For more information about banking in Mexico contact one of the below bank branches:

BBVA Bancomer in Mazatlan, Mexico

Bancomer is a full service bank that operates throughout Mexico and has many locations within Mazatlan. Each Bancomer location has a 24 access to ATM’s.

Phone: 913-0154
Address: Avenida Camaron Sabalo # 333, Zona Dorada (view website for other locations)

HSBC in Mazatlan, Mexico

HSBC is a full service bank with 24 hour ATM accessibility and there are multiple locations throughout Mazatlan. HSBC is a great option if you plan on using American dollars frequently.

Phone: 916-3425
Address: Avenida Camaron Sabalo # 251, Zona Dorada (view website for other locations)


Banking at Banorte in Mazatlan, Mexico

Banorte is also a full service bank which like the other above listed banks also has an ATM available 24/7 and on-site English speaking staff to assist you.

Phone: 915-5448
Toll-free in Mexico: 01800-226-6783
Address: Avenida Camaron Sabalo y Gabriel Ruiz, Zona Dorada (view website for other locations)

Banking at Banamex in Mazatlan, Mexico

Banamex is another great banking option here in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Phone: 913-8301
Toll-free in Mexico: 01800-021-2345
Toll-free in the US and Canada: 1800-262-2639
Address: Avenida Camaron Sabalo # 424, Zona Dorada (view website for other locations)