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Mazatlan's aquarium, or Acuario Mazatlan, is considered one of the largest in Latin America, houses a splendorous and endless array of marine and freshwater species, where bountiful Mother Nature astonishes us with such a diversity of exotic colors and forms of each species.

The Mazatlan Aquarium is dedicated to the preservation of marine creatures through public educational programs, conservation and animal rescue. In fact, the animal hospital at Acuario Mazatlan even helps animals like sea turtles, birds, sea mammals washed to shore, badgers, raccoons and many other creatures in need of medical attention. Most of these animals are nursed back to health and then released into the wild but a few have remained and made the aquarium their new home.

The Mazatlan Aquarium is all about having fun while learning about oceanic life and some of the activities the aquarium offers include swimming with sharks, a bird show, swimming with sea lions, a sea lion show and a diving show where you can watch how the sharks and sturgeons are fed.

You'll find a museum, an auditorium and stellar attractions preferred by young and old alike, such as the fantastic Sea Lion show. Watch them dance, sing and blow-out kisses for the best vacation picture. This is a first-rate show.

Also enjoy the charming tropical bird show, under a splendid tree as scenery, they’ll captivate you with their grace and colorfully-exotic feathers.

From there, be astounded by the novel oceanic aquarium. It’s the most spectacular way to get a close look at the marine world.

The Acuario Mazatlan has a botanical garden with plants and trees from around the world, an aviary, a mini zoo with other species that are ready for visitors, such as huge crocodiles, deer and small amphibians that also await a moment of our attention.