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About Mazatlan


Mazatlan History

Mazatlán's name comes from a Náhuatl Indian word "Mazatl" which means "Place of Deer" and comes from the Aztec language which was not actually used in Mazatlan. A group of 25 Spaniards who were led by Nuno de Guzman officially founded the settlement in Mazatlan in the year of 1531 on Easter Sundaybut almost 3 centuries elapsed before a permanent colony was established in the early 1820’s. However, scientists have found petro glyphs on the off shore islands which are believed to date back as far as 10,000 years ago.  READ MORE




Mazatlan Culture

The reason many travelers choose to visit Mazatlan is to forget the stress of everyday life and to relax on the sandy white beaches with a tropical drink in hand, but this beach resort has much more to offer! Mazatlan is a city very rich in culture and tradition making its offerings to visitors very diverse and abundant. READ MORE




Mazatlan Maps

CLICK HERE to view and download maps of Mazatlan!




Areas of Mazatlan

Cerritos is the area that represents the northern end of Mazatlan and is about 20 minutes away from Centro Historico (down town) and 5 minutes away from the Golden Zone (Zona Dorada.) With the recent Real Estate boom happening in Mazatlan - a great majority of the developments and projects are taking place on the shores of Cerritos giving it the nickname “New Mazatlan” or “The Diamond Zone." Marina Mazatlan is located between the Golden Zone (Zona Dorado) and the northern beaches of Cerritos making the Marina Mazatlan area within close proximity to all areas and main points of interest of the city. Marina Mazatlan is one of Mazatlan’s newest and most up and coming area with a huge increase in residential and commercial development over the last 5 years READ MORE




Getting to Mazatlan

As each year passes it seems the number of flights departing from Canada and arriving into Mazatlan become more frequent, specifically with the airline known as WestJet. WesJet offers direct flights from many of the major Canadian cities throughout the year. If your city does not offer a direct flight then you can always grab a connection in Calgary, Manitoba or from Vancouver and fly to Mazatlan from there.Alaska Airlines and Air Canada are other popular airlines that offer packages from Canada into Mazatlan and other areas of Mexico. READ MORE




Mazatlan News

CLICK HERE to read about the latest news happening in Mazatlan, Mexico along with interesting articles and stories written by those who live here in beautiful Mazatlan! Articles are updated and published often so come back soon to see whats new!




Pictures of Mazatlan, Mexico

CLICK HERE to view our Mazatlan photo album that features all kinds of beautiful pictures taken in and arround the surrounding areas of Mazatlan from the cusine, activities, cultural events and the scenery throughout the city!




Mazatlan Annual Events

Mazatlan’s famous Carnaval has been going since 1898 and is the third largest pre-Lenten celebration in the world, ranking right after Rio de Janiero and New Orleans in size and scope. The International Carnaval is a seven day celebration filled with folklore, dance, live music, ballets, activities, food stands, beer gardens and parties where the diverse celebrants of all generations gather within an exciting atmosphere that combines the magic and culture of Mazatlan READ MORE




Mazatlan Weather

Most people visiting Mazatlan come to soak up the sun, relax on the sandy beaches and reap the benefits that this sub-tropical destination has to offer. CLICK HERE to see todays weather forecast and for charts showing the monthly average temperatures.